The Artful Living Program

What Is the Artful Living Program?

The Artful Living Program seeks to connect patients with art, music, education, and wellness opportunities in the community. We aim to provide a wide range of events, such as concerts, exercise classes, arts and cooking classes, and storytelling. Patients are invited to bring their family and friends along so they can share these experiences together.

We hope to help patients address other factors in their lives that contribute to their health and wellbeing that might not normally be addressed in the doctor’s office. Our mission is to provide patients with meaningful opportunities that will allow them to develop new skills, connect with others, and improve their own physical health and emotional wellbeing.

By partnering with community organizations as part of the Artful Living Program, we hope to both strengthen community resources and increase the stability of the program so that it is available to serve patients for years to come.

Are you a community partner looking to collaborate with the Artful Living Program?

We’re excited that you’re interested in working with us. Please fill out the request for information form or reach out to Emily Perish at to start the conversation!