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David Meltzer on the Doctor-Patient Relationship
EconTalk Podcast
Dr. David Meltzer of the University of Chicago talks about the power of the doctor-patient relationship with EconTalk host Russ Roberts.

Merger Mania in Healthcare: An Unhealthy Craze
Harvard Political Review, by Victor Agbafe
While researchers have not conducted enough studies to produce conclusive data, a study conducted by CCP Director David Meltzer, indicates that a good, long-term personal relationship between a doctor and patient can enhance patient care.

The Health of Nations
Day One Podcast 
Hear from Dr. Meltzer as he discusses the importance of using economics and data to make people healthier.

What Is Your Relationship With Your Doctor Worth To You?
WBEZ 91.5 Chicago, by Meha Ahmad
Dr. Meltzer discusses putting a value on the doctor-patient relationship by, first and foremost, getting doctors to spend more time with their patients. 

Trying to Put a Value on the Doctor-Patient Relationship
The New York Times Magazine
Dr. Meltzer sits down with the New York Times Magazine to discuss the Comprehensive Care Program.

UChicago Innovation Fest: David Meltzer, Comprehensive Care Physician Model
The Chicago Institute of Translational Medicine
Dr. Meltzer discusses how he united policy, economics, and medicine to create comprehensive care programs in hospitals at The Push for Precision: Cutting-Edge Tech Transforming our Health Care.

The Comprehensive Care, Community, and Culture Program
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Systems for Action
Principal investigators David Meltzer and Harold Pollack launched the Comprehensive Care, Community, and Culture Program to address social determinants of health. With help from a multidisciplinary team of experts, the program is developing, testing, and scaling interventions to improve the lives of urban residents as part of a cross-sectoral approach in health, poverty, crime, education, and energy and environment.

A Laboratory to Call His Own
UChicago Medicine, written by Brooke O’Neill
Dr. Meltzer details how his personal and professional experiences in the South Side of Chicago shaped his research with the Comprehensive Care Physician (CCP) Model.

Redesigning Care For Patients At Increased Hospitalization Risk: The Comprehensive Care Physician Model
David Meltzer MD, PhD, and Greg Ruhnke MD, Health Affairs
The Comprehensive Care Physician model, in which physicians focus their practice on patients at increased risk of hospitalization so that they can provide both inpatient and outpatient care to their patients, was developed to improve care coordination and address rising health care costs.